I had seen some Instagram posts featuring Quaintrelle Studio as a shoot venue. When I had to do a shoot of my own recently, I decided to go with Quaintrelle Studios as the location. What a fantastic experience. Lisa and the team were incredibly helpful through the process of planning the shoot. They sent me a breakdown of the packages they offer and the spaces at the studio that could be used.

On the shoot day, Lisa was there to assist with anything we needed. There were ample locations within the space to use for the various setups we needed. There was a clothing rail for us to lay out wardrobe options and a great place with ample light for makeup.

Quanitrelle Studios has excellent light and it is so well laid-out that multiple shoots can take place at once, without interruption. The studio is beautiful and the team makes it an absolute pleasure to shoot at. I will definitely be making use of the space again.