More than skin deep

Lisa Robertson has always been drawn to the pageant scene. But since beauty is more than just skin deep for her, she teaches others how to look and feel beautiful … from the inside out.

Her entry into the pageant world as a young girl marked the beginning of a journey that would not only shape her confidence and self-esteem, but later her career too. And while the glitz of the industry often overshadows its deeper meaning, Lisa Robertson simply found joy in the journey.

For her, it was about instilling skills and confidence, rather than winning a crown. In time she built up a kind of resilience that would later become a shield against the challenges of school bullying.

“I was looked down upon for many reasons. From having bad teenage skin to being too skinny, and later on for having the incorrect body shape for runway. The list goes on. And so I’ve had to overcome those challenges through building self-confidence and knowing my true value, which really helped me a lot over the years.”

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